Needle Nose

Needle nose pliers are one of the most common types of pliers in use. In this guide we will cover what needle-nosed pliers are, how they are commonly used, and the variations you will find on the market. We will then provide some advice on qualities to consider when making your purchase and where you are able to buy needle nose pliers.

What are needle nose pliers

Needle-nose pliers, often referred to as "long nose pliers," are a specialized tool used to handle odd angles and tight spaces. They often have serrated jaws for powerful grip that will not slip even with the most stubborn objects. Needle-nose pliers are commonly used for wire work because of their ability to pick up tiny pieces with precision. In addition, they can also be used to bend wire or cut it at an angle, making needle nose pliers one of the most versatile tools for jewelry making and household repairs.

Needle-nose pliers can also vary in size depending on what their job is - some types may be made out rubber or plastic and others with metal. The uses range from household repair work to working with wire as well as fishing tools.

How are needle nose pliers used

The uses for long nose pliers range widely. They can help you work with wire by picking up tiny pieces and bending them at your desired angle/lengths as well as helping you cut wires without crushing them completely so that they keep some flexibility when needed later on in a project. They can also be used for household repair, as they have many uses, such as gripping metal to tighten screws or prying open the prongs on a plug with an exposed wire in order to reconnect it.

Needle-nose pliers are commonly used in everyday household repairs, primarily to tighten screws, pry open a prong on a plug to expose the wire, and crimp.

In addition, needle nose pliers are used in apparel for garment sewing and machining clothing; furniture to finish wood repair jobs or to cut fabric into precise shapes; electrical work such as wiring up lamps or undertaking mounting of new bulbs; engineering projects such as assembling prototypes for car parts.

Needle-nose pliers are used in various industries for a wide range of tasks, but most commonly are found in Automotive Repair, Fishing, and Jewelry Making.


Buying Needle Nose Pliers

After considering length and type, when it comes to picking the best needle nose pliers for the job you should consider the material that the plier is made out of.

Three common types of material you will find needle nose pliers constructed from includes stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. For fisherman, material is the most important component to consider. Stainless steel is significantly stronger and less prone to bending than Aluminum; however, if you're saltwater fishing, Aluminum pliers are the best choice as the affects of salt are less likely to corrode your tool.

Where to buy Needle Nose Pliers?

Needle nose pliers can be found at your local Lowes, Home Depot, or even Walmart. The best option is to purchase a brand that you trust from a distributer who is equally as trust worthy.

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