Hose Clamp

Hose clamp pliers are used to help remove and install hose clamps. Most often for hose clamps in automobiles but they can also be used for any machinery with clamps securing hoses including washing machines, refrigerators etc. The type of HCP needed is based upon the configuration of the clamp itself, the location of the hose and the opening and closing mechanism of the clamp itself.

What are hose clamp pliers

HCP are designed to open or secure different types of clamps. Sometimes in tight workspace areas, for example when working on automobile engines, hose clamp pliers can utilize extensions and cords to attach to the clamps opening and closing mechanism. This allows the user to secure or unlock the clamp mechanism and rotate the tool freely in a confined workspace.

The Anatomy of hose clamp pliers consists of: the handle, where users grip the tool; the fixed joint point, where the handles of the pliers meet and allow the jaw or head fixture to open and close manually or with spring action; and the teeth or fitting mechanism which coincides with the specific type of hose clamp being removed or installed.

How are hose clamp pliers used

Hose clamp pliers are used by attaching the pliers to the exact opening and closing mechanism of the clamp being worked on. HCP allows the user to secure and unsecure the clamp with ease ensuring easy replacement of worn hoses or replacement of the clamp itself.

These pliers are most commonly used in the automotive industry, however any machinery with hoses that has clamps, can be a good candidate for hose clamp pliers. They can be used to secure and unsecure the clamps to change out hoses or full replacement of bad clamps.


Buying Hose Clamp Pliers

When buying hose clamp pliers, it is important to match the proper clamp fitting to the type of HCP head and teeth. Example a bolt clamp would not be secured or unlocked with hose clamp pliers designed for Corbin clamps. Therefore it is imperative the clamp fitting and HCP teeth fixture or HCP fitting mechanism match. Other qualities are the material used to construct the tool itself, steel, aluminum, zinc, etc. cheaper tools are usually made with less desirable metals and might break or fail to hold the clamping mechanism itself properly. Steel or a steel mixture is the best material for HCP. HCP with locking mechanisms to hold the jaws closed are ideal.

Another factor is the work space area, does the HCP size and type allow you to easily secure or remove the clamp in the clamp’s location. Example, working in the engine of an automobile where the space is tight and one's hand and tool might be too large for the space.

The final factor would be the price for the item. How often will one use these pliers and how much pressure and torque put on the head fixture and teeth will determine how much one would want to spend on a tool.

Where to buy hose clamp pliers

There are many popular brands of hose clamp pliers to choose from. For a local option, stop by a local Automotive store like O'Reilly or AutoZone. In the event that they don't have the tools in stock, Home Depot and Lowes could also be solid options.

The best option is to save the gas and purchase your hose clamp pliers here, at The Plier Shop. We carry the most popular brands, including Harbor Freight, Craftsman, Knipex, Mayhew, and Precision, and offer quality assurance with FREE Shipping and our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.