Flat Nose Pliers

You'll find flat-nosed pliers are a bit more versatile than round-jawed ones. This is because they can be used for grasping and bending wire, as well as forming loops in metal wires or gripping difficult to reach objects like the end of bolts that have been recessed from view.

Flat nose pliers are great at grabbing onto just about any object as they have a flat surface that is designed for grabbing wires without damaging or pulling their ends out.

Flat-nose pliers are a versatile type of plier and can be used to hold, flatten, bend wire and open jump rings as well as for bending or closing other types of materials like sheet metal at angles.

Flat-nose pliers are perfect for making sharp bends and shaping wire. Unlike other types of pliers, the jaws on a flat nose don't taper so they won't mar your work as you shape it with their smooth surfaces.